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One of the greatest treasures that the youth can gain is knowing about the country and its real history. The Basic Schools and Senior High School (SHS) students will celebrate Ghana’s History Festival (GHF) annually between February and August. GHF is organized by DeeDee Global and Ghana Education Service in collaboration with the Historical Society of Ghana, History Teachers Association of Ghana, Ghana Association of Visual Artistes and the Tourism Society of Ghana.
The Ghana History Festival was successfully launched on August 28, 2021 under the theme: “Sankofa – Reviving our National Pride”. The primary aim of the Festival is “To Promote a Culture of Patriotism and Dynamism in the Development of the Ghanaian Youth”. That is, to kindle nationalism and awareness within the hearts of students who are both members of the youth and future leaders of the country.

Activities for the festival celebrations run parallel and they include:

  • National Jigsaw Puzzle Competition (History in Pictures)
  • Figure Drawing Contest of Historical Personalities
  • Historical Exhibits Contest
  • Cultural Display Segment (Contest in historical poetry, drum appellations, traditional dance, story telling etc)

Winners in the various categories shall be awarded prizes and certificates during the annual grand finale in August.


1. To reminiscence and appreciate Ghana’s rich history with vivid and picturesque illustrations
2. Promote fun way of learning history at the basic level.
3. To introduce jigsaw puzzling as a psychomotor based learning activity aimed at exposing the youth to the great benefits of jigsaw puzzling as Learning Aid.

Benefits include:
a.Better collaboration/teamwork/relationships
b. Improved attention to detail and productivity
c. Improved IQ and memory/attention span
d.Improved visual-spatial reasoning
e. Better problem-solving skills