NJPC – History In Pictures

The National Jigsaw Puzzle Competition – NJPC during the Ghana History Festival will converge Primary and JHS pupils/students and teachers from within Basic Schools in the Greater Accra Region to celebrate Ghana’s history in pictures.
Annually interested schools shall each present four (4) Contestants who shall be accompanied by a teacher to join the competition. Contestants will be tasked to assemble a 285pieces or more puzzles in Primary/JHS categories on Historical Concepts. 
The 2021 Jigsaw Puzzle image for the Virtual launch highlighted excerpts on British Direct and Indirect Rule, Early Protest Movements, Post World War II Protests culminating in the Final Steps to Self-Rule/declaration of independence. 
The History Puzzles are excellent history  Teaching and Learning aids approved by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA).

Note: If none of the groups has completed the puzzle by the end of the allotted time, the winner is chosen by the number of loose pieces remaining

Competition Rules for NJPC

Puzzle Size

Each team receives the same image puzzle.

Puzzle Duration

Each team has maximum 2 hours to complete the puzzle

Type of Puzzle

Each team receives a 70/285-piece puzzle depending on category

Conferring Among Team Members

Team members may confer among themselves but not with other teams

External Assistance

No external assistance once competition starts.

Who Wins

Winning is based on teams that put puzzles pieces together fastest